Sustainable streetwear! What is RYWD doing for sustainability?

Sustainable raw materials

All of our products are made from organically grown cotton (sweatshirts or sweatpants made with recycled polyester).

Why organic cotton?

The difference to normal cotton are ecological and social standards during production. Among other things, much less water is used and no pesticides or pollutants are used. Organically obtained cotton is also more skin-friendly than when it has been treated with pesticides.

Fair working conditions

We produce primarily in Portugal under fair working conditions and have a very close and open relationship with production. We guarantee above-average wages under family conditions. We do not buy the materials and services at dumping prices and you can feel that in the quality of the goods!

Certified production

Our Portuguese friends work under certified conditions according to GOAT standards.

What does GOAT mean?

"The GOTS certification not only includes all processing and manufacturing stages of organic textiles, but also trade.
Only organic fibers may be processed that are certified according to recognized (inter)national standards approved in the IFOAM Family of Standards .

The GOTS control system is based on independent, GOTS-accredited certification bodies that inspect and certify the processing, manufacturing and trading companies on site."


Sustainable packaging

Packing a package with sustainable materials

We pack our orders in cardboard boxes or solid paper bags for smaller shipments! All of our packaging materials are licensed through the Lucid portal and annual volume levies are issued. Please understand that we send some products in recycled plastic if the weather poses a risk that the goods can be soiled.

Emission-free delivery

Our logistics service provider Deutsche Post DHL Group takes care of the CO₂-neutral and climate-friendly parcel transport


Support us and our efforts to make streetwear more sustainable if you care about nature and sustainability is just as important to you as it is to us!
Thank you for your trust in "Remember You Will Die".