The origin of "Remember you will die"

The label " Remember you will die" (abbreviated: RYWD ) arose from the desire for self-realization in an industry in which identification and authenticity play an enormously important role.

There are many facets in the world of fashion and textiles, both negative and positive.

Lots of people love to wear the latest, most trendy pieces, and public image plays a big role. Even with young people. It used to be that way back in the '90s when branded clothing was a symbol of coolness and belonging.
But the development continues. Expensive, rare sneakers, jackets and T-shirts for many hundreds of euros, for which people sometimes even “camp” in front of the store for hours.

And then there is the other stream of time. Sustainability, vintage, second hand. The industry is booming.

Many love consumption and know that even the big ones in the industry have their products produced under inhumane conditions. Some try to hide it. Some try not to fit in and buy in “second hand” boutiques.

Nowhere in Germany can this be observed better than in Berlin.

This Berlin flair, honest and direct. Let us realize that our time is also limited and that we should savor it as much as possible. See the positive in life and then live by it.

Remember you will tries to combine these new approaches:

Fashion and lifestyle combined with sustainability and conscientious use of natural resources.

To guarantee this, we use sustainable packaging materials and production processes, certified, 100% organic or recycled, plus CO₂-neutral and climate-friendly logistics.

Because we should be aware of one thing.
It can all go by so quickly.

Not just human life. Also the life of nature.